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One & Three Day Retreats

I created this program for women in midlife who want to feel energized, motivated, and have a sense of clarity.

As a life and behavioral change coach I was coaching a lot of middle-aged women and there was a common list of challenges. “I want to feel more energized.” “I want to love my body.”

''I want to feel inspired about my life.” "I want to feel excited about what to do next.”

I put together a program that will help you create a transformation and will get you moving in the right direction.

You are not alone! We are all out here trying to create a life of joy and happiness.

Let's get the Zhuzh back in your life!

Mastering Midlife Now

Midlife can be a time of great transition, as individuals face new challenges and opportunities that come with this stage of life. Whether you're experiencing a life change, empty nest syndrome, or simply tired of feeling stuck- this program is designed to help you navigate these changes and discover what's next for you.

Throughout this program, you'll find exercises, reflections, and practical tools to help you explore your goals, values, and passions. You'll have the opportunity to reflect on your life so far, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and explore what really matters to you. You'll also learn strategies for managing stress, building resilience, and maintaining healthy habits to support your well-being.

No matter where you are in your midlife journey, this curriculum is here to support you. I know that by working through the exercises you will gain clarity, confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose as you move forward into this next chapter of your life.

renewed sense of purpose

Alison Crair

Hi there- I'm Alison and I have been coaching and helping people transform their lives for over 15 years.

I am a certified life, relationship and recovery coach. A certified Chopra health coach and Optimize Coach. I created Mastering Midlife NOW out of a need I saw for my midlife clients. All needing something tailored for someone who has lived a big life and is now wondering whats next. Having all these experiences myself I knew I could offer the guidance and compassion to help you find yourself and the courage to let her be seen.

I'm so excited you are here and I can't wait to speak with you about creating an intensive or retreat just for you!

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One Day Retreat

Get your Zhulzh back!

Get ready for a day of transformation!

Whats Included

  • Full day personalized retreat
  • 60-min Pre and Post Coaching Session
  • All Materials and Curriculum
  • 3-Mo Action Plan
  • 1- Mo Coaching Support
  • Virtual Option Available
  • Transformation of a lifetime!

Clarity & Motivation

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Private 3-Day Signature

Transformational Retreat

  • 3-Day Mastering Midlife Retreat
  • Tailored specifically for you
  • 60 min Pre-retreat coaching session
  • All materials and Curriculum
  • 6-Mo Action Plan
  • 3-Mo Bi-weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Relaxation and Fun

Transformation & Relaxation

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